About Us

DSR was initially founded to provide a database engine product in USA, Europe and Japan, specifically targeting the embedded software area. Over the years, DSR has evolved into a professional software development and consulting company with a rich portfolio of expertise and experience. One of our main objectives at DSR is to achieve real market results and do everything we can to make our clients succeed. Developing and launching our own products also gives DSR the knowledge and real world expertise to not just complete a project, but also help make it succeed in the market. DSR specializes in 5 main areas: Cloud, Embedded, Mobile, Enterprise, and Big Data and Analytics. You can find more information on the DSR professional services on the company website.

DSR has been working with wireless technologies for over a decade. IoTicity is a brand of DSR and represents its portfolio of products and services in the Internet of Things space. For details, please check out our Products and Services.

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Corporate Headquarters

14818 W. Warren Ave
Suite 101
Denver, Colorado 80228

phone: 720 962 9525
fax: 720 962 6625

European Headquarters

Svobody, 69


Japan Headquarters

Lion's Plaza Shin-Yokohama
Shin-Yokohama 1-1-8, Kouhoku-ku
Yokohama-City, Kanagawa


Netherlands Office

Papendorpseweg 97
3528 BJ Utrecht
The Netherlands

phone: +31 20 893 2532